5 Awesome Neoclassical Guitar Players

From known to the less known, these four guitar players have been foundational to bringing neoclassical guitar playing to the (almost) mainstream. More than just shred, neoclassical players were strongly influenced by baroque composers such as Bach, Vivaldi and Paganini; bringing a wider variety of scales (notably the harmonic and melodic minor scales. their modes and other [neoclassical scales]({{ < ref “/blog/2021-03-09-neoclassical-guitar-scales” >}})) to a wider rock and metal audience.

3 Awesome French Heavy Metal Bands

France is famous for its wines, beautiful countryside. Over the years, France has also had some great metal bands rise up. Here are the 3 of the best French Heavy Metal bands for you to enjoy checking out: Trust A personal favourite of the metal queen Doro Pesch, Trust are an old school heavy metal band founded in 1977. They were pretty popular in Europe during the 80s. As a fun fact: Nick McBrain from Iron Maiden played drums with Trust, before he quit to play with Iron Maiden.

Top 9 Heavy Metal Records from 2017

2017 is slowly drawing to a close. Halloween has passed and shops are gearing up for Christmas - which seems a bit extreme as its only November, but whatever. This year was a tragic year for heavy metal, with a number of great musicians passing away. But, there were also some kickass releases. So I thought it would be cool to look back at some of the top 9 heavy metal records from 2017.