How to Practice Guitar

If you are interested in learning how to practice guitar more effectively, so that you can learn faster and have more fun, check out my book on how to practice guitar.

Chromatic Exercises for Lead Guitar

If you want to develop your ability to pick fast and accurately, develop your picking stamina, or just have some effective warm up routines that help improve your dexterity, check out my book Chromatic Exercises for Lead Guitar

An Introduction to Lead Guitar and Improvisation

If you are a beginner rock guitarist wanting to learn lead guitar and improvisation, check out my course An Introduction to Lead Guitar and Improvisation

An Introduction to Sweep Picking

If you want to finally learn effortless sweep picking, check out my course Sweep Picking Fundamentals

Beginner Guitar Lessons

If you are wanting to learn guitar, then Lauren Bateman runs an online guitar school that has helped 1000s of people like you learn to play guitar.

She has a video presentation on the “Top 10 Secrets to Having Fun With Guitar”.

Guitar Pro - Professional Looking Tabs You Can Play Along To!

If you want to write your own guitar tabs and learn songs, then Guitar Pro is the best piece of software for writing Guitar Tabs. It lets you write tabs and play them back. It is a great tool for writing songs, collaborating on songs with others and learning songs from your favourite bands.

It is also great for guitar teachers who want to make professional looking tabs for their students.

I’ve personally used it for years and continue to use it.

You can check out Guitar Pro here.

Guitar Jan is the top guitar website for those that speak Dutch. There are articles and lessons on many aspects of playing the guitar, with lessons, songs and backing tracks available.

FA Chords is a great website with a ton of informative guitar lessons and tutorials.