Practice Advice

How to Play Guitar After Having a Stroke

A reader recently emailed me asking for some advice. He has suffered from a stroke and lost use of a couple of his fingers in his left hand. I’ve got his original email and my response response (with some editing to make more sense in a blog format and fixed typos). Here is the original email: Hello Sam. I dont know if you or anyone can advise me. Earlier in my life.

How to Become More Consistent With Your Playing

I recently received a message from someone lamenting that they felt like they hadn’t improved much over the last thirty years. We had a bit of a back and forth and hopefully he’s got a path to improve. The conversation was one I could imagine a lot of guitarists benefitting from, so I’ve put it out here. I started off asking a few questions: What do you want to be able to do on guitar?

How to Increase Speed With Difficult Riff

A former student recently emailed me with the following question: Hey Sam, In one month we´ll be playing the final concert for this semester. We´re doing one song that has a rather tricky Intro Riff. The target BPM for the riff are about 90 to 93. I can play it reliably at about 80 Bpm. That means at 80bpm I´m not making any mistakes. As soon as I crank it up to the target speed I´m starting to struggle and mistakes start to occur.