Study Guitar is a website I’ve built for keeping various lessons and guitar related topics that I’ve build over the years.

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How to Practice Guitar and Train Your Creativity

You can check out my book, “How to Practice Guitar and Train Your Creativity” here.

The free bonus material for the book is available here. You will have to create a free account to access your bonus material.

Chromatic Exercises for Lead Guitar

In this book we cover hundreds of chromatic exercises that are designed for developing your picking accuracy, stamina and left-hand dexterity.

The book includes exercises for beginner, intermediate and advanced players in full tablature and comes with a training program you can use to gradually and consistently increase the speed at which you can play.

Get your copy of chromatic exercises for lead guitar here.

Available as a PDF for instant download or a paperback with worldwide shipping.


An Introduction to Rock Lead Guitar and Improvisation

If you are a beginner and want to learn rock guitar improvisation, you can check out my course here.

You will learn:

  • How to use the minor pentatonic scale in all keys and positions over the entire neck
  • How to use rhythm creatively in your lead playing
  • How to use ornamentation so that your licks sound musical
  • How to write your own licks
  • How to use structure when improvising

After completing the course you will have a thorough grounding in improvisation and lead guitar playing will be able to improvise over backing tracks and jam with your friends to your hearts content.

Sweep Picking For Beginners

Sweep picking is an incredibly fun skill that a lot of intermediate players really struggle to learn.

After teaching for several years, I finally figured out why this was, and after experimenting with my own playing and teaching my students, I came up with a set of exercises that are incredibly effective at teaching sweep picking.

I put them together into this course, an introduction to sweep picking, which has:

  • Explanations of the key mechanics involved in the technique
  • Video demonstrations of key exercises
  • Work book with exercises to train your new sweep picking skills using a variety of arpeggios and harmonic progressions.

You can enrol in an introduction to sweep picking here.