Arpeggio Analysis - Yngwie Malmsteen - Liar

This is a pretty killer lick. It is just before the main solo in Liar by Yngwie Malmsteen. Take a quick listen to the arpeggio section before the solo here: https://youtu.be/GaUCs3SoD0g?t=1m58s Yngwie uses the arpeggios: G#o G#o Am Am G#o G#o Am Am A∆ Dm G∆ C∆ Bb∆ Am F∆ E∆ And we get the impression that the sequence is split into the following three sections: Section 1 (x2): G#o G#o Am Am Section 2: A∆ Dm G∆ C∆ Section 3: Bb∆ Am F∆ E∆ And it looks like we are in the key of A minor (check out chords from minor keys).