E minor backing track [002]

This is a backing track in E minor, with drums, strings and bass.

String Arrangement

The track has strings, drums and bass guitar. The guitar fills quite a low register, so to make room for improvisation, I placed the strings quite high up.

The bass guitar is playing a single E note, with the strings filling out the e minor harmony, with violins I & II playing octaves, moving between the E and D note, to create an E minor 7 feel:

e minor 7 orchestrated for strings
This is the notation for the strings, bass guitar not shown

At the end of the piece, the bass guitar moves down to B to create Em/B, then in the following bar the strings catch up with a B7, before everything ends on a E minor root position harmony, creating a i64 - V7 - i perfect cadence:

Showing the cadential progression in the strings
i64 V7 i perfect cadence, bass not shown.

If you want some scales to play over the backing track, check out these scale lessons:


The backing track contains:

  • Violins 1 and 2
  • Viola
  • Cello
  • Bass guitar
  • Drums

Thanks to Luana Azevedo for the image.

Learn To Improvise Over This Backing Track

This backing track is just one of many that is used in my course Rock Improvisation and Lead Guitar for Beginners.